En lo siguiente se encuentra estudios científicos y comunicaciones de prensa sobre la Técnica Bowen (en ingles):

The effect of the Bowen technique on hamstring flexibility over time.

A RCT Study of the European College for Bowen Studies and School of Physiotherapy and dietetics. 


The psychophysiological Effects of the Bowen Technique
By Ashley G. Pritchard, Swinburne University, Melbourne. Department of Psychophysiology.
A study about the effects of the bowen technique on emotional state, heart rate and muscle tension.
psychophysiologig research on bowen-2.pd
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The Original Bowen Technique - A gentile hands on Healing method that effects Autonomic Nervous System as measured by heart rate variability and clinical assessment
By Jo Anne Whitaker et al.
Heart rate variability bowtech research.
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A Pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of Bowen Technique in the management of clients with frozen shoulder
By B. Carter, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
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The Bowen Technique - Mechanism of Action 

An article by John Wilks on the mechanism of action of the bowen technique on the nervous system and connective tissue.


Bowenwork - An Effective Therapeutic Intervention? 

A Systematic Review by Sandra Gustafson 


Bowenwork, gentle Touch, impressive Results.

An article by Sandra Gustafson on the history of Bowtech, areas of application and mechanisms of action.


Peaceful Bodies - Health and Wellbeing through Bowenwork

Bowen as ideal Bodyworks for Infants and Children by Pamela Pendlebury